„You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself.“ Ella Maillart

Namaste dear friends and visitors,

last Friday was a lovely day full of HAPPINEZ!

We bought the first camper van in our life!
We did!

Look what a lovely interior we got as a real gift!

Baby is totally renovated with lovely driftwood look, wooden floor and full of Cacao and Coffee. We call him “Schokomobil” (Chocolate-van) 😉 

Baby is dry, needs no pampers. This was our horror since weeks, but everything seems to be fine. 

Yesterday we drove homewards and hereandnow we are the most happiest couple on earth! 


Now we can start to find out what we have to do inside and install additional solar panel on the roof. So much to learn, we love it!

Stay tuned, next time we will show more photos from the process!

Sunny greetings with so much L O V E  on our way to new adventures

yours  J  &  J   ⤖  Glücksritter