“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. ~Luciano de Crescenzo“

Namaste lovelies,

we never never never ever thought, that our life was moving in all this different directions. The last three years were deeply amazing, expanding, adventurous, heartfelt, full of letting go and wonderful memories…

Hereandnow we are deeply thankful that we seize the chance, as we got it. That we let our flat, stored everything we had on 20 qm, left our friends and family and started with only this one-way-ticket from the airpot in Hamburg…

On the 13. November 2017 we were exactly three years on different roads around the world! We celebrated this special day in silence at the beach in Albufeira/Portugal with many deep and thankful feelings.

The first year we only traveled through Asia and fell in love with its different countries, cultures and landscapes. You can read about it in this post.

Last year we celebrated the second travel anniversary in Pushkar, and decided to change our way of traveling. We fell in love with another big dream: to move on in a camper-van. You can read about it here.

Best decision ever! We have found the love of our lives, called Chocolate-Van 😉 


What about the Gypsy blood living?

Wonderful. Life in the motorhome is tailor-made for us! As a “test phase”, we drove around the Baltic Sea this summer. Germany – Sweden – Norway – Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Germany. And we have enjoyed, loved and celebrated each and every one of these 5000 km from the bottom of our hearts.

Schoki anyway, our racing rabbit *öhm* … Our Schoki is completely humanized meanwhile. Cuddling, he finds great, so sometimes hug the hood or pat on the rear 🙂 And through this intimate contact (we think) he has not even grumbled on the 10 000 kilometers we drove together until February. Through all our veins flows Gypsy blood…

There is no better travel than in a motorhome. You can park nearly everywhere and enjoy a beautiful view or spend the night there. Above us the sun, the stars, the moon. In the middle of nature. Being part of nature. We love it very much!

Hereandnow we live our camper van dream

Since one week we are in Portugal. We want to spend the winter here. A thing only retirees and digital nomads do. We do not meet anyone else here so far. We are curious if this works for us. To travel less and be mainly in one place. Because of the sun, because of the good vibes. We actually have sunshine every day, 20 degrees, barefoot. Wonderful. 

Special wishes for the fourth year of traveling?

As always, we have a thousand ideas about what our lives might look like. In the summer we were also talking about “getting settled again”. That has currently done again. Simply because we are back at an absolute happy place. Everything is beautiful, full of plants and lush green and high artistically designed (I do not need to do the work myself 😉 

Yes, it is important for us to be in a special environment, to live at a happy place. We also found this place in the south of France, on the way down to Portugal. And stayed there for three weeks. It is equally important to regularly see family and friends. In spring we have to go to the TÜV and then we will stay a little bit in Germany again.

We will see, everything is wide open and we are really thankful to live our life this way…

What about you? Could you imagine living a life like ours? Leave everything behind and go out into the world? Your whole life, the apartment, friends and family? How are you doing with this idea?

Gypsy greetings with so much L O V E  from the heart

yours  J  &  J  & Schoki   ⤖  Glücksritter