“I imagine that YES is the only living thing.” E.E. Cummings

After a 12 hours’ flight Mexico embraces us with sunshine and friendly 25 degrees. We are on our next continent now, welcome North America! We took a few days to acclimatize in Cancun (there is nothing special to say about). We decided to go to the beach first. Maybe we will find another paradiseIsla Holbox (Hol-bosh) on the north coast of the Yucatán Peninsula could be a good choice. The name comes from the Mayan language and means something like “black hole”. It is often discussed which hole is meant. Maybe the black holes from the mangroves on the island. We think it was the chilled out and relaxed atmosphere that swallows up like a black whole: a few minutes in a hammock become hours – days – weeks.

„¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!“


left: pier in Chiquila, right: pier on Isla Holbox

Already on the ferry from Chiquila to Holbox we marvel at the turquoise sea! To our delight, we are accompanied by huge pelicans and frigate birds. Wow! The small island is 42 km long and about 2 km wide. Nearly 1500 inhabitants live on that pearl. After our arrival at the pier we walked the width on the way to our accommodation. Finally we can hear the sound of our flip-flops again. What a joy!

The “Hotel Los Arcos” was a good choice for a smaller budget. The facility is located at the main place and has a wonderful secluded garden courtyard. The house is painted in pink and white, mexican style! We finally went out for dinner and slept ten hours! Must be the sea air. We are curious what the next days will bring!


We live at the northern coast near the “Holbox Parque Central”. It´s the main place of the little village with a playground and a big place for events.


We love to stroll through our neighborhood. What an enchanting and colorful village!
We are completely fascinated by all the sights: almost every house is painted and shimmers in vibrant colors.



Houses, doors, window frames, wastebaskets, fruit boxes. It seems as if everything on this island could become artistically. A feast for the senses!



Maybe one of the best known dogs on the island, always sleeping.



Huge dreamcatcher adorn the island. Some are bigger than me! If I could take only one home!
Regarding all the fantastic street art on Isla Holbox I have written an extra post here.


Some places at the endless beach struggle with mass of seaweed which comes with high tide.


There are so many fantastic sights at the beach.


One day we met a warmhearted Canadian couple at our hotel and planned to do a little trip around the island together. Mode of transportation are small golf caddies. I just wanted to put on my sneakers, when –  u p s , a  fairly large scorpion lies under my shoes! Roommate in the morning. Although I had made the voluntary experience of a scorpion on my hand in Chiang Mai, I don´t like to get rid of an unknown without guidance. The friendly man from the front desk did it, unfortunately somewhat rudely.


„¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!“ Let’s go over the island!

Cheerful we climb the Caddy and hobble over the beach towards the beach hammocks in the northeast. I had seen photos on the internet and dreamed of a beautiful photo with Glücksritter. The first can be found near Villas Flamingos. Voila!


Imagine this! With big mexican flags all around. We had much fun there in the hammocks.
Just a quarter of an hour on the road when suddenly went nothing: flat tire.


While we wait for the alerted owner to come, we watch the kite surfers on the beach. We both dream of learning kite surfing one day! It must be wonderful! All surfers had a very wide grin on their face.


An hour later we are on the road again. Past the not so interesting mangrove forests (black holes?), we are looking for ways we can drive. There are only sand paths and inside the island many are covered with deep puddles.


Crisscross we pass over the elongated island with beautiful houses and views.
Finally we have found a small secluded cemetery. The first Mexican cemetery! I love cemeteries!


Yes, what a colorful spectacle with all sorts of lovely kitsch and artificial flowers. Gorgeous!


One of the many iguanas on the island basks on the cemetery wall. What a confiding beauty. He didn’t care about me no matter how close I am. We hobble back to the hotel and meet again for sunset.
Oh these sunsets!


There is always an Ibis on the roof of this little house. Maybe it is the same every evening?


The little pier “Muelle Tiburon Ballena” is a good place to watch the beautiful sunset.


Every morning and evening is great mosquito alarm. We havent seen so many mosquitoes for a long time. Spraying!


Meanwhile we are five days on the island and we love it! The atmosphere is totally relaxed. The Mexican people are super friendly and with our smattering Spanish we get along well so far. We usually work six or eight hours a day at our “baby” and afterwards or in between we have long walks at the beach in every direction. We love it at low tide. There are so many treasures to find.


Maybe it is useless to save every star fish at low tide but I always have to bring them back into the ocean. You never know if they recover – I hope so.
We have walked the beach until “Punta cocos” in the west. Holbox is located within Mexico’s largest ecological reserve Yum Balam ( this means “Lord Jaguar” in Mayan Language).


These fascinating creatures can be found everywhere on the island.
They are called Horseshoe crabs and are estimated to be at least 300 million years old. WoW!


See the trace from the little star fish. It is that touching!
Maybe we can hear tomorrows weather forecast?


The adorable pelicans are everywhere. Even at the pier of “Punta cocos”. And hey, what a sweet skeleton-cover-dingsda?
Kind of a clam worm (nereis)? We have found many at low tide.


Joy! What a wonderful, wonderful life!
Don´t know whose teeth are these? Any suggestions?
We will become biologists on this island. There are so many strange creatures to study!


There is always a place in the shadow. We love to sit down and watch the beauty of nature all around! What a wonderful island with so many things to discover.

We are also very impressed by all the different birds which populate Isla Holbox!


Lunch time for the american herring gull. I really love their beautiful feathering! Dinner for the osprey.


Beautiful man and cormorans in the sunshine.


Did I mention that we really fell in love with the pelicans? We really, really did!



There are always a few battles among the birds when the people of the island throw away unused food or fish.

While searching a few unknown paths and adventures in nature we started from the “Holbox pier” on the southern coast.


Walking the way west at the beach past a few rotted boats and scattered waste until a few bushes blocked our way. While it was low tide we were wandering a few hundred meters through the bushes and pathless ways with untouched whits sand. After a long trip through the bushes we find a wonderland. A kind of a mud swamp. It was nearly impossible to walk there, we always sunk into the mud. But oh what an untouched beauty!



It was´nt easy to find a way out of the swampy landscape. We sunk till our knees at last. Exhausting but it pays to find this beauty. We have seen Ibis and many unknown birds. And it was totally silent all around!

We are nearly two weeks on Isla Holbox now and we think about another one week extension. This island got the perfect mix for us: a good place to work, very good accommodation with friendly travelers around, wonderful nature and beaches, it is not that cheap but we know the right places to eat and shop, and most important – it has these unbelievable hammocks everywhere!


Perfect, we extend!

Sunny greetings with so much  L o V e  from another paradise

J  &  J   |  Glücksritter

NOW you can find daily photos from our trips in our new category “A Photo A Day”.

We recommend Hotel los Archos. Tiburón Ballena s/n, Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo, 77730, Mexico. The night is around 600,- MX$ but you can get a better price for a long term