„Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things they are transformed.“  Thich Nhat Hanh

After two weeks of travelling in Indonesia again we´ve found our paradise!

It is BÄMM! It is more than we could have expected, more than we could imagine –
it is  P A R A D I S E  for the  S O U L  !

We are on Gili Meno, the island in the middle of the three little Gili-Islands. Meno is a little unappreciated from tourists, but this is our luck: we feel like Robinson Crusoe…


I m a g i n e   t h e s e   c o l o r s  !

There are so many corals at the beach every day that the people on the Island are creative with it! Nearly no sight without flying corals or a driftwood-sculpture.

We´ve met many long-term travelers here. They are all in the mood for chilling a few weeks and doing nothing, like us. This must be a “normal” phase after intensive months of travelling.

It´s really a joy discussing travel-tips and having a good time together.


Meno is very silent, no motorbikes and no parties, like they have on Gili Trawangan.

Transport is offered with little horse-drawn carriages. But the paradise is that small, that you can walk around in 1 ½ hours.


Our beautiful bungalow with outdoor bathroom and salt-water shower is only a few meters away from the beach.

We have the best place on the island (yes, yes) with  s u n r i s e  in the morning and  s u n s e t  in the evenings. We only have to look right, or we have to look left, haha, this is simple.

I discover the quality of sunrise-meditation and celebrate it every day, only me and the sea.

THIS  is  h a p p i n e s s !


Look at these artful sunrises! We can´t get enough of it! The island in the distance is Lombok.


Every day begins with this great pleasure: we sit down at the beach with a cup of coffee and wonder what a great spectacle the sun has to offer…


And the sunsets are also breathtaking. What a joy!

We stayed for two weeks in our little soulful paradise, and what do you think? Yes, we quit all our plans again!

There were a few plans to visit Borneo and Sulawesi the next weeks. But we are hopelessly in  l o v e   with this Island and the quality of life we´ve found here.

So while you are reading this we are in Kota Kinabalu for two days, and than we come back to our soulplace!

In the next post I will show you the details on what we are doing the whole day: enjoying the beach, snorkeling with (big) turtles and wonderful fish, sample a few kilos of shells and sea-urchins. Nobody knows how to carry them home…


 J  &  J  / Glücksritter