„One love, one heart. Let’s get together and it will be alright.“ Bob Marley

Jeh man,

after our trip through Jamaica had begun that magical and full of learning in Portland we tried to move forward. We don’t wanna spent time at tourists spots like Negril and Montego Bay. So we opted the area around Oracabessa in Saint Mary Parish.

On the way we spent two nights at the home of the enchanting Rasta Roy in Port Maria. Roy had lived in Germany for several years and it was simply funny to listen to his Patois-English-German-Mix.

“Jeh man, das ist gut.”

Roy is a fisherman with all his heart. He invited us to join him at his charming fishing lodge twice. No problem to fall in love with this magical place where even pigs take a bath 🙂


It was such a pleasure to stay with Roy and to participate in his relaxed and grounded energies. Sitting together at the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, watching the birds fly, interpreting the clouds. Feel the quality of being a “free spirit“.

As always we feel the most freedom at the sea. Open minded for the horizon, in touch with the whole universe.

We went swimming with flip-flops, as the whole bottom of the ocean was populated with sea urchins. However, I have found many dried sea urchins! It was a real treasure place, very untouched and natural.

Roy shows us everything he grows in the little garden by the fishing lodge. Many unknown herbs, plants and trees.

Jeh man, Jamaica is good for learning!


Roys beautiful lodge had an artistic vibe. No wonder that he loves to stay there overnight. He calls a huge collection of conches in all sizes his own. Wonderful finds from the ocean.

All his sculptures from driftwood and coconut roots deeply sneaked into my heart. Could see them in our own garden one day. Some of them looked like the head of a horse. Stunning!


Roy has cooked delicious “Ital” food! (Ital: vital, natural, unprocessed, organic) for us. This formerly unknown Rastafari style cuisine is quite to our taste: mainly based on fresh, unprocessed products and often meatless and without salt! We loved it from the first moment on!

For the very delicious food in Jamaica there will be an extra blog post next week. Yummy!

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” Bob Marley

We continued our tour and traveled to Oracabessa to the “29 Roots“. Run by the heartful couple Marjo & Evon. Marjo was in N.Y. the whole time and we had a soulful stay with her enchanting husband Evon.

Luckily we have found a real place for nature lovers again. So many things to learn, so many love and wonders to embrace!

Jeh man, Jamaica is good for learning…

We extend and extend our stay, cause we really felt at home at this soulful place.


It all begun with the beautiful big garden full of huge trees and fruits and wonderful sights. A few minutes after we arrived early in the morning Evon showed us their paradise and directly hang up the hammock. Jeh mon!

It all begun with the Jamaican apple and we got to know him as deep as it’s possible! Having a big love affair with this incredible tree.


As we walked through the garden for the first time we saw the ground covered pink. Looked like the Indian holi festival took place here?

Wondering and looking to the big tree above there were millions of little pink blossoms.

A fantasy from a fairy-tale. Real nature art!

These are the fascinating blossoms of the Jamaican apple!


The pod of this beautiful apple feels like pear. The taste is not very special but it fits well in every fruit salad, marmalade, chutney and gives a tasty juice.


The juice from the juicer has such an adorable pink color! Even the Hummingbirds love the blossoms!


It is an incredibly work for Evon to harvest the two huge apple trees in front of the garden. The fruits fall down every second and we were laughing together about all this “pong, pong, pong” on the tin roof, the cistern, the bottom.

Day and night we were listening to the song of the apple tree.

Remember, the fruits are ripe now in Jamaica, it’s the best time to enjoy what earth has to give. And it is really, really opulence! Evon brings us fresh fruits the whole day and we are also allowed to sample what we find!

We felt like being in the land of milk and honey!

The fabulous garden is full of oranges, breadfruits, bananas, pineapples, almonds, naseberries, ackees, papayas, mangos, sweetsop/sugar apple and so on! And all the sweet and tasty gifts are waiting for someone to enjoy…


Don’t ask me twice! I love to turn known and unknown fruits into various Chutneys. Doing new experiments with fresh fruits from a Jamaican garden! I’m crazy for chutneys. And I have missed preparing them for twenty months.

Very precious moments…


Chutney with Jamaican apple, naseberries, mangoes and of course fresh Scotch Bonnett Peppers!

Healthy food again!

We have missed it for three months. Jeh man, this is too much! The way to our hearts goes through the stomach again.


And we have missed fruit muesli for such a long time. What a joy! The first mango from the year harvested from the two guys!

I really feel in love with the Sapodilla tree (Breiapfelbaum). The fruits are known as naseberry. The bark is rich in a white, gummy latex called chicle. We have never tasted them before!

The naseberries are very sweet and taste a little like a fig. They are crazy good for a chutney!


I have dried a few seeds and hopefully they make their way back home one day 🙂 However, I have to plant them!

We were working hard with our App all the time cause we got the idea for a deadline at the end of May. No better place to work as having a wonderful lushy garden with natures wonders and mindful Evon around!

A trip to the nearby town of Ocho Rios was not worth mentioning. If you are lucky or unlucky huge cruise ships anchor there and flood the place. We were lucky and the city looked deserted. All the little craft markets near the piers were completely empty and the sellers all rushed to us.

Yes, we were even in a mood to buy some souvenirs, but the offered goods were either from China or they were too big to take away. But as always, we really don’t need anything.

We are richly blessed with all the new experiences, kind of real Jamaican living and natural wonders around…


Oracabessa itself is not special but the neighborhood is very peaceful and we felt very safe here.

A trip to the only public beach in Oracabessa brought the knowledge, that the locals do not remain the most beautiful beaches for swimming left. Many beaches in Jamaica are chargeable. They are usually located behind high walls and often belong to hotel facilities.

The views of the sea on the coast road from Oracabessa to Ocho Rios (20 km) is almost completely obscured by walls.
Too bad …

Btw, the weather is very tiring and we also did not get much out of the house. Felt 45 degrees and rain every day, which then brings a high humidity.
Nope, the weather is really not ours…


Enjoying the stunning wildlife in the garden when we were having a break from working. Hummingbirds buzzed through the area and were delighted by the blossoms of the Jamaican Apple.

We also saw the Doctor Bird, the national bird of Jamaica. It is a Hummingbird with very long tail feathers. And even though I was running around in the garden with my camera, it showed only two times and I had just no camera with me. But the joy was, that we have seen this magical little bird!

Mindful Evon had already noticed that we are also very interested in the animal world and so he called us, to show us this magical being!

Ohoho –  w h a t  is  t h i s ?


Jeh man, looks like a lady with a hat in an oversized dress. And oh these legs?

What a crazy cool fantasy!

The research revealed that it is a Frangipani Caterpillar, (Pseudosphinx tetra). She wants to become a moth once. And she loves Frangipani (Plumeria) about everything, familiar soul, we also love frangipani!

There were stunning lizards with an orange flannel. We have seen this kind of lizard for the first time. Curiosity from nature. He puts his orange flannel in and out and in and out.


Research says it is the green anole, Anolis carolinensis. Could observe this funny guy for hours! And yes, that’s how I get the chance of making this photo 🙂

Nature love also needs a doze of drama. Voila, here it comes!

One day very huge and heavily armed crabs were coming out of holes in the garden and tried to walk over the street to the ocean.

Such an amazing sight how they were speedy walking sidewise through the whole garden!


Imagine the beauty of this guy! He has the size of three hands! Can you see the mustache? 🙂

I don’t mind to have crabs in the garden one day. As well as I love big spiders I love huge crabs….


We really fell in love with the stray cat Homey. She has a very sensitive soul and the most beautiful kitty eyes of the world!

Homey was always around when we walked through the garden.


The garden has it’s own magic at night. We walked around in darkness and watched the fireflies. Twinkle, twinkle.

Every night we spent dreaming on the rooftop and could not get enough of the incredible starry sky! Mars was quite huge and near!

Sometimes Evon joined us and we were having wonderful conversations from soul to soul. What a gift!

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively” Bob Marley

It was a long desire to carve our names into a tree one day on our travels. We thought about finding a soul place. A place which is dear to our heart and full of good vibes. In the end we know: 29roots is exactly this soul place and we ask Evon for this pleasure.

Jeh man, I like the idea.

The choice fell on the blooming Ackee tree. A very magical place with wonderful energies! The place for the hammock, surrounded with two crystals moving in the wind… Good vibes…


Happiness! Maybe one day covered with moss again. But if we return to Jamaica one day, we surely return to this heartful place and give our initials another date.

Last but not least Evon gave us wonderful cooking lessons ! Step by step we learned how to prepare the tasty Jamaican dishes.

Such as “Brown stewed fish” and “Curry chicken Jamaican style“! He really knows how to cook and again we got so much to learn and understand!

Everything went directly into my Worldcookbook!


Thankfully we leave this parish full of intensive memories, good vibes and deep insights of what a Rasta way of life could mean.

Heartful thanks to Roy and Evon! So many things we have learned again, so much beauty we have found here! Hearty little diamonds all around.

The term “free spirit” became a new meaning. No, don’t complicate your mind!

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!”
Bob Marley

Irie – greetings with so much L O V E from the heart!

J  &  J   |  Glücksritter

We highly recommend the 29 roots in Oracabessa – Saint Mary Parish.
Rasta love & very good vibes!