“He who enters the desert comes back as another.” Moroccan wisdom

Late in the evening we reach Merzouga by bus and are picked up by our landlord Moha at the bus station. It is always exciting to reach a place in the dark. The whole landscape is black and can only be imagined. There is so much space for all kinds of interpretation. Is it a palm, a tiny house, a camel in the distance? I love arriving at night.

It was such a long-lasting wish to see and feel the Sahara in Morocco, named Erg Chebbi in Merzouga. Hereandnow we are really excited and thankful at the same time.

Only a few minutes after we entered the impressive Kasbah Le Berger, we went up to the huge roof terrace, to see the stars. The friendly staff from the Kasbah quickly brings three mattresses for our comfort. WOW!


We all lay down and look into the mad starry sky above us. It’s just incredibly magical! We see the whole sky empty in the next hours! 

There are no words to describe this beauty, this experience. But most of all, it is going on inside. The heart reflects everything, much more deeper than the eyes could see. Feels like being part of the whole Universe – all is one – hereandnow…

“…what is essential is invisible to the eye.” the Little Prince is whispering…


Early in the morning we enjoy the sunrise together at the roof top. NOW we can see them clearly: how impressive are these big dunes! Only a few meters away from our accommodation.

Red and golden shimmering in the morning sun. What a beauty! 


We hurry to walk there and say hello. We are really excited to go there for the first time –  together as family…

But we have to be prepared, the sun is out now. Yes, we already know how to bind a turban! (Thanks to Tarik from Marrakech again!)


The sight is simply breathtaking! Here and there stand a few desert grass in the endless, fine golden sand. 

About 20 percent of Morocco is covered by the Sahara. And we could embrace this wonder of nature together!


We spent hours in the dunes, walking up and down. Walking up and gliding down.
Jumping, rolling, hopping, like kids in the snow.

YES, yes, we are here now!

THIS is what I really call  W A N D E R L U S T !


Embracing this beautiful golden sand. It is warm and soft like powder…

What a deep feeling of being  F R E E ! Nothing disturbs here, no sight, no sound, no overstimulation.

Only we and the sand. Look at this beauty: golden sand, blue sky and maybe a little figure in the distance. I often shiver when I see photos of the desert. I love this feeling of nothing, of nearly nothing….


Joscha felt like doing a few stunts. He embraces the desert very deep…


Look at this big and beautiful ocean out of sand…


What a joy, what kind of heart touching moments!

We take our time to enjoy this moments together or each one for himself.

All the time: it leaves us speechless…


As we walked back home we met a few kids walking into the desert with a donkey.
What a strange kind of life we could see and feel here! Hereandnow: deeply touched…


Today is the day: we go into the desert overnight!

Three huge dromedaries and two traditionally dressed guides with a turban and embroidered garment (Tekatkat) waiting for us at the doorstep.

WOW, it just looks magical and promising! Funny, how the jeans and the flip-flops appear under the robe of the guides 😉

Everyone climbs on his dromedary, which rises up quite and very, very slowly.

Hey, that goes up very high!

And then we are already looming in the direction of the dunes. YES! Such an old dream comes true. 

For five minutes, sweaty hands, then we get used to the height and gait of these cute animals.

Our little caravan of love is rocking along the river. Part of the river bed is dried out and looks like nature-art!

Oh how I love these cuddly ears in front of me. What a new feeling is this height!
We are all smiling and deeply enjoying this trip. This kind of smile from one ear to another!

“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

We rock for 1 1/2 hours through the countryside. I gave my camera to one guide and he makes the best photos on the way!
Shukran, Shukran…

Up and down the dunes. The dromedary goes  d o w n, it’s a little slippery. Better to be prepared for every step it takes 🙂

Another curve, another climb up to the dunes and we stood in the middle of the desert!

WOW, what an unbelievable view!!!

Like a red shimmering desert sea. In gentle waves it once flowed and is fixed since centuries. We stand there, high up on the dromedaries and enjoy these flashing sight.

The Erg Chebbi dune landscape is about 110 km² in size, this means we only see desert as far as the eye can see.


What a great timing. The sun is ready to leave us gently and majestically…

We continue with our little caravane past a few tent camps to the highest dune. Our camp lies there in the valley. Big surprise: it is for us three alone.

How wonderful, what a gift! We are happy like crazy!

Cuddling the dromedaries again and we make our home in a traditional Berber tent. The lovely guides bring us a small table and chairs and we all drink felt hundred liters of water. It is dusty in the desert.

Awaiting the sunset we sit on a high dune and enjoy the color play and the silence.

This silence, which surrounds us here since days in Merzouga, is unique.
It is a great gift. A wonder, a pleasure: just silence… 

“What makes the desert beautiful,’ said the little prince, ‘is that somewhere it hides a well…”

Like in 1001 nights we got a princely dinner with a large Berbersalat and the best Tajine we have ever eaten. For dessert melons and pomegranates and we can’t hardly move after this.

We lie down on the high dunes and enjoy the starry sky. It is breathtaking!
A million stars and the Milky Way to touch.

Stories are awakened, the Little Prince is kindly waving from his planet.

Countless shooting stars invite us to wish, until there is really no wish left.

“If you love a flower that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars are a-bloom with flowers…” 
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

It gets fresh and we get warm sweaters from our tent. Our guides sit down with drums and begin to sing old North African ways.
G O O S E  B U M P S, a huge wave after another flooded us. 

Imagine: sitting at the end of the world and drums and fantastic voices sound through the desert. Make them alive, sing of ancient times, ancient people, ancient dreams. These wonderful hearts were singing and drumming for an hour…

“…what is essential is invisible to the eye.” the Little Prince is whispering…

Then they gave us the drums. We are baffled. What shall we sing? What should we play? We can just get the drumming straight, but common songs?
Holy shit! A few minutes run like “hm hm hm” and “la la la” and than we belt out: 

“Wie schön, dass Du geboren bist, wir hätten Dich sonst sehr vermisst”

“Oh Du Fröhliche, oh Du selige…”

I mean, we didn’t understand the North African songs and it is quite okay like this 🙂 
(Any suggestions for easy songs next time?)

The next morning we are waiting for the sunrise on the dunes. It is cold outside. The silence seems to be deeper than ever…

And then the magical glimpse of the sun appears. The dunes become golden and everything begin to glow in the desert sea…

“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…” 
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

We have learned that the color of the sand changes with the time of the day, yet blue, than golden and red again.

Simply breathtaking! 

It is really hard for us to leave. 

Slowly we rock back to the Kasbah on the dromedaries, silently waving good bye. What a magical experience…

…our hearts are filled with love, gratitude and quiet stories. 

We had such a great home at the colourful Kasbah Le Berger. Moha and his brother are always giving their best to make their guests feel at home.

Ja, ja there has to be another shooting with the turbans…

The next day we had a spontaneous Tajine cooking course. I wish to learn how to prepare it and wanna write down the recipe for my “Word cook book”.  We order a big Tajine for the evening and learn to prepare it step by step. It is that easy! 

When I asked Moha a few days before, if he could get a sandboard, it was still in front of the door the same evening! 

So we spent the last day again in the dunes and had a big amount of fun with sandboarding

…somewhere it hides a well… he whispers

Okay, the dunes could have already been higher and often we did not progress well, but the fun was unsurpassed high. How can we call this? Sandsledging? Sledsanding? Crawlsledging? Tell me if you know it 🙂 

Shukran, Shukran to all this magical experiences, people and wells we have found in the desert! So many desires are becoming reality in Morocco, it is simply fulfilling. Unfortunately the few days have gone much too fast. But we feel like visiting a few more deserts of this world …

Sunny greetings with so much L O V E from the heart and a little rose…

J  &  J  &  J   |  Glücksritter, packing our bags now for Chefchaouen, the blue pearl in the North…

We highly recommend the “Kasbah Le Berger” from Moha in Merzouga.