„The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality,
and instead of thinking how things may be,
to see them as they are.“ Samuel Johnson

Long time no posts, you know  I n t e r n e t…

We are in Sumatra now, a wonderful inspiring place on earth. Since years I wish to see Orang-Utans in wildlife and Sumatra has a few places to find them with a little luck and a good guide. We decided to go to Ketambe/Gunung Leuser National Park with the biggest rainforest in Sumatra. We wanna do a three days jungle-trek with “Jhony Jungle”.

After an eight hours Mini-Bus ride from Medan on different roads and with wonderful landscapes, vulcanos and mountains we arrived in the little village Ketambe, at “Thousand hills guesthouse”. The next day we got a little instruction from Jhony and the morning after we start our  f i r s t  overnight jungle-trek at 9.00 a.m.

We go straight into the mountains, up, up, up and up on a very small and slippery path. Everything feels, sounds and smells like jungle from the first moment on. After ten minutes we were totally wet and sweat like hell. To avoid the leeches we wear this wonderful blue socks you can see above. Not easy to walk with it in trekking-sandals.

Regarding our shoes: we don´t have other shoes, nothing like closed ones. Jhony recommended to buy special shoes in a shop in Ketambe. We try them but they were like plastic football shoes and even not in the right sizes. So here we are in our only worldtrip shoes and they did it, it´s a little more difficult and wet but it works.

After two hours in the jungle, up, up, up and up, we see the first Orang-Utans in the top of the huge trees and I felt like crying!



I´ve got goose bumps with sweaty pearls on it!   W O W !

They were BIG and very impressive because they move very slowly and silent. Like they have a special awareness of the world around.

A kind of  g r a c e f u l n e s s  you did´nt expect.



We have seen many mothers carrying their sweet little babys. It was an unbelievable beauty how their long red hair was shimmering in the morning sun! These fascinating sights went directly into my heart and will stay there forever!

We played around in this area for one hour and our other guide Herman was always on the tracks to find more Orang-Utans. And we see many of these wonderful silent giants!

Magical moments with great thankfulness!


After this stunning wonder we went down, down, down and down on a slippery path to reach our first camp-site for the night. We could hear the river murmering as we were far away and of course we dreamt of jumping into.

And so we did! What a joy!

Jhony and Herman were preparing a wonderful noodle-soup while we were sitting in the cold river, feeling like Tarzan and Jane…

After lunch we went into the jungle again with Herman, up, up, up and up and after hours of sweating we see the great majestically tree you can see on the first photo above.

UAHHH! You cannot imagine what a big amount of   E N E R G I E S   he radiates, it was GIANTLY!

The whole space around feels like vibrating and I have to sit down to slow down my breath and to admire this big ENERGY-MAGICIAN!

Of course I´m always a tree-huger but at this size I could only kiss his feet and received a big amount of his roots-energies – g r o u n d e d …


It´s time for jungle fun! I´ve asked Jhony for making us a jungle crown like I have seen on his website and I think it fits us well!


Riduan did first class jungle menu all the days with so much love! And after sunset we always sit together with candle-light and wonderful tasty meals and of course a little jungle juice (palm wine)…


What to see except monkeys? Millions of different insects, bugs, worms, grashoppers, flies, mosquitos, catarpillars, zikades, butterflies, frogs, spiders and, and, and.

Who knows me better knows that I love spiders in every size! I take my time in the jungle to look for them. But there aren´t very much “big ones”…

Maybe I have to do a special “Spider-trek” one day?


NO, the jungle is NOT a silent place, it is very loud because of the millions of cicadas. Beside all the heavy noise there is so much silent beauty to find in the plants and flowers…


We also see small and young Rafflesia, a parasitic flowering plant. Look at the orange ones above.
And of course our travel-buddha enjoys posing in the moss with an orchid…


What a wonderful world of plants, isn´t it? We also found wild chillies and millions of mushrooms and fungies…


After sleeping safe in the tent we walk through the jungle again the next day.

You know, up, up, up and up, sweating, sweating, sweating, drinking, drinking, drinking.

Wondering about all the beauty and around 2 p.m. we could smell our second camp side before we walked down, down, down and down.

What a beautiful place: hot springs!


The water from the very hot springs flows into the river and hot and cold get mixed in some places to bath tub temperature. Hmhmhm, we don´t wanna leave this healing water, relaxing the tired muscles. Sitting there in the afternoon and in the morning again with a cup of coffee to welcome the day.

Haha, the hot springs are also useful to boil eggs!


The camp-side at the hot springs was also home for millions of butterflies. Not afraid to sit everywhere: on our drying clothes in the sun, on our head, our fingers, our arms.

Beautiful natures jewelry, possible to wear it in the jungle…


Monkeys came down to the river the second day and we also saw the beautiful thomas leaf monkeys many times on our walks…


We had so much fun with the guys in the jungle! They were very charming and helpful and take care of our steps the whole time. They pampered us well with everything during the trek, at least also with cigarettes…

At the last day Riduan found me a special flower in the jungle, thank you again!

After drying all our clothes in the morning sun we had to leave the wonderful hot springs and had to walk back the whole day (repeat: up, down, sweat, drink…)

We had a wonderful break down at the river again and the last noodle soup (I love this jungle-noodle-soup!) And than…. repeat…

After hours we reach a wonderful glade and had a great vi over the mountains and the national park with deep dark rainclouds.

One more hour walking down, down, down and we reached the guesthouse tired and stinky but very, very happy and thankful for this wonderful trip!

Thanks to Jhony & Herman & Riduan, we highly recommend the Ketambe Jungle trek with YOU!

Yeah friends, we hope you had a good time with our little jungle story and adventures and if you ever feel blase of life, go into the jungle, it cleanse and makes you feel grounded and most of all, you get a little insight into how it all began…


Greetings with so much L o V e

J  &  J / Glücksritter