„Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.“ William Butler Yeats

Since months I´m dreaming of doing an Indigo dyeing workshop somewhere in ASIA.

Colors came into my life with an extraordinary impact. The awareness of the color came and I have to follow. I have to wear clothes in this color, sample stuff around me, have to look, to feel, to absorb this color and it´s special meaning.

I can´t say how long it will last. It´s different. But when the time ends a new color came up. The I N D I G O  impact came in Sumatra with no special experience to name. It came and caught my attraction  e v e r y w h e r e  and  it  g r o w s !

Trying to do an Indigo dyeing workshop in Sumatra did´nt work. I tried it again in Ubud/Bali but the timetables did´nt match with our plans. But I know deep inside that it will work in Chiang Mai!

And it works! I´ve got the tip and the Address from the sweet Eagle House owner Annette. And a few days later I was on may way to do my first Indigo dyeing workshop at the Cotton-Fabric Huan Fai Dai Ngam. The workshop runs from  10.00 am to 4.00 pm and I had the pleasure to be the  o n l y  participant.


Mr. Weerachai first showed me a few batik examples and I choose the ones I would like to learn. It wasn’t easy to decide, so many beautiful patterns all around. And I also brought a few pictures I´ve found in the Internet.

Next step we were on the way of folding, twisting, bunching, using big or small stones, wooden sticks or stitching lines. W O W  how impressive!

The wonderful Dey helped me all the way to transfer the techniques on the cotton pieces I have bought at the Textile Market one day before.

Unfortunately she doesn’t speak English but we understand with hands and hearts.


When it came to dyeing I could feel the long lasting process the plants took before they are ready to dye.

It´s also a fermentation process but the smell wasn’t that nasty.

Normally it took ten times of dyeing and hanging the textile in the air and dyeing again and so on. A very long-lasting procedure.

I love to see all textiles swimming in the beloved dark blue! What a wonderful color!

Thats the way to feel  I N D I G O  with all my senses.  G r e a t !


The cotton from Huan Fai Dai Ngam is hand woven from local weavers. It´s amazing to watch them doing their work on the traditional hand-looms.

While dyeing the textile in the sun I felt very happy to see how the patterns come to life!

What a wonderful inspiring day – Indigo-Dyeing lights my fire!


xoxo Janine

I highly recommend doing a workshop at the Cotton-Fabric Huan Fai Dai Ngam.
The costs are 1000,- Baht and the workshops runs from 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
There are additional costs for the dyeing per meter.