„Travel brings power and love back to your life.“ Rumi

S  a  w  a  d  e  e    k  h  a   from outer space,

we are landing at the wonderful Clay House Cosmos from the extraordinary Artist “Lek” and his wife. Jakawan means clay house and Baandin means cosmos in Thai.

This special place was a tipp from Pam, the owner of the Silent Beach – Tree House in Koh Samui.

Fortune with us we´ve found Jakawan Baandin very easy  &  the sweet owner Lek arrived the same day! Crazy cool shit!

Since three years he works on this beautiful place in the middle of the mountains: building clayhouses, giving every house a unique touch and creating a very special atmosphere in this big areal that makes everything associated and perfect!

YES, this is a real unique  C O S M O S.

Lek, the master and director of this dreamful and harmonically space, is such a creative and balanced character that you feel totally at home!

Lets get a few (hundreds?) impressions from this imaginative Universe.

B   r   e   a   t   h   e    i n   a n d   b e    h   a   p   p   y  …


The first one is the Japanese House.

All houses have special themes and were wonderfully decorated with fantasy, charm and love.

Many statues, furnishings, paintings and other interior and exterior stuff were made by other artists from all around the world.


The Chinese House comes with a big Panda bear for sweet dreams.

Look at the details, isn´t it magic? We love all the details and need much time to explore them all.


The lovely pink house comes with two bedrooms and I had a few friends in mind who will totally love this ambiance.

Take your time to look at the details!


Imagine all the houses are nestled to luminous plants, trees and opulent green. And if there is not enough nature around there are beautiful flowering paintings from Lex´wife on the walls.

H e a v e n !  How we  l o v e  this!


All the beautiful outdoor sitting places came with fantastic color combinations and funny elements.

There is a wonderful outdoor kitchen were Josh did scrambled eggs. The kitchen was fully equipped with everything we need to prepare healthy breakfast, beloved smoothies & fruit salad.  And it comes with free avocados from the garden.



Wanna sit here or there or on the top? Not easy to decide. And if you sit you can´t be still cause your eyes were wandering and aware all the art around.

You can´t help but feel deeply impressed – a n d – feel the need of becoming  c r e a t i v e – hereandnow!


Leks House is for my opinion the most beautiful of all! See the color combination and the fabulous interior!

B  r   e   a   t   h   e   again  –  and   f  e  e  l   this magic…


Some houses are not ready to rent. Some are not fully furnished. But every view is impressive and caught the eyes.

Every statue, every little everything is made and arranged with love.

Need more details?


Imagine this? We all feel that deeply inspired and magically modified by this creative atmosphere!

And we salute to so much creative power and imagination!

Only three years were needed for Lek and his wife to give birth to this very unique place on earth.


Sweet Lek invites us to be creative together: playing, posing, painting. We are all having fun and such a special time in paradise.

I become Miss Jakawan Baandin one day:-) Hopefully there is no other meaning on the banner, cause we can´t read it!

Believe it, we can´t get enough of this wonderful inspiring atmosphere where creative ideas and thoughts come to life very easy. Not only for the hereandnow we also developed great ideas for future plans…


This was our house for three nights. It was absolutely the right one because I´m in a blue mood since weeks.
And I totally love the Frangipani Flower, or, as you say in Thai: lilawadee.

We had such a wonderful and funny time together, that it wasn´t easy to go. To leave this warmhearted place was like leaving a piece of us here forever. But we felt like this wasn´t the last time, that we had to come back one day!

Sunny greetings with so much  L O V E  &  L I G H T  &  big hughs for LEK & his wife!!!

J  &  J  &  J  | Glücksritter