As we left Hamburg November 2014 we had the plan of traveling the world for three years. We quit our jobs, let our flat, bought some new equipment, store everything we had left on our 20 qm loft. We don´t only dreamt of traveling the world, we dreamt of making new plans for our future and grow some ideas for a digital business. We wanna feel a new way of life after a big part of being parents and family was over as our beloved son leaves the nest. We felt that we are “young and healthy” and wish to feel the world and ourselves in it.

On the 13th of November 2015 we celebrated being one year in Asia. We were deeply thankful for all the wonderful things we´ve found: friendly & lovely inhabitants all over Asia, Susegad & easy going, beautiful & inspiring places, new friends and companions, a deeper quality to live “hereandnow”, unforgettable moments, uncountable smiles on cultural differences, another perspective on life, 50 new recipes, freedom, silence, going slowly, mindful snorkeling, many new habits & skills, daily meditation practice – ourselves in a new light

As we sum up 1070 days on the road
we feel deep in our hearts:
this is not just a world-trip
– this is OUR life –
and we  l o v e  it as if we have done it forever.

2016 we wanted to spend the whole year in Central and South America, but everything went different. Very quickly we noticed that most of the countries were not really ours. Traveling and living was usually very expensive. The food was “heavy”. The crime was always nerve-racking. In Costa Rica we were robbed and lost part of our equipment. And so on…

In the end we went back to our beloved continent, to Asia. We were happy to celebrate the beginning of our third year of travelling the world in India

In India another long-life dream gradually sneaked into the realm of possibilities. We worked very much on our company and mostly don’t find the right working spaces, or had problems with wi-fi or electricity. We explore different other ways and decided in Goa at the beach: it’s time for life 3.0! 

We startet our second biggest dream of life and travel with the camper van! In February we bought our new travel friend called “Chocolate”. At the moment we are on our way around the Baltic sea…

Again we plan to “explore” this way of life for one more year…


We lived our life 3.0 with our Chocolate-Van for the first year. Drove more than 15.000 km and really fell in love with this kind of traveling. 1260 days on the road, without a flat, what a gypsy life we had…

This year we will explore Germany and maybe find a place to settle down for a while.

Nevertheless, the travels continue 🙂 


L I F E   I S   G R E A T !

Sunny greetings with so much L O V E, we are on our way to new adventures…

yours  J  &  J  &  Schoki   ⤖  Glücksritter

“In the end, just three things matter:
How well we have lived.
How well we have loved.
How well we have learned to let go.”
Jack Kornfield